Gold Wing (2001 to 2017)


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F4 replacement motorcycle windshields also come in varying height and style options, so you get the riding experience you want, whether that ride is a short-day trip or a 10,000-mile journey. Every windshield is designed to perform and last, wherever the road takes you.

There are several things to consider when choosing the perfect windshield height. The first question we ask is do you like to look over or through the windshield?

  • All of these options can adjust up and down and sit in any of the five positions. If you are comfortable looking through the windshield, the Plus 2 and the Plus 4 are great options.
  • Sport: The Sport windshield is two inches shorter than the stock height. It adds a sporty look but gives you all the benefits of the F4 windshield: optical clarity, scratch resistance, rain-shedding and easy cleaning!
  • Stock: The stock height option retains the height and shape of the current OEM windshield but includes all the benefits of owning an F4 windshield: optical clarity, scratch resistance, rain-shedding and easy cleaning!
  • If you are searching for maximum wind protection for you and a co-rider, the Plus 2 and Plus 4 are taller, wider options and will give you the most wind protection for your ride.
  •  The Plus 2 is two inches taller than the stock height and a 1/2” wider per side than the stock. This is great for added wind protection while maintaining the stock adjustability.
  •  The Plus 4 is the best shield for maximum wind protection for both you and a co-rider. It significantly reduces head buffeting and microphone noise. Not only is this shield four inches taller than the stock, but it is also 1” wider.

Should I go with clear or tint?

  • Clear: We recommend the clear option if you do a lot of night riding, or you prefer the visibility a clear windshield provides.
  • Tint:  The tint also acts like a pair of sunglasses during the day and reduces headlight glare at night.

Should I get a vent?

We use an OEM GL1800 stock 5-position vent in our windshields. The vent gives you control over how much wind reaches you. The vent works great in all windshield models however, can be especially beneficial in the taller, wider models that aim to reduce the amount of wind you feel.

 Product Warranty

F4 Customs Inc. offers a four-year limited warranty on their windshields.

All F4 Customs Inc. windshields are shipped with a protective layer on each side of the windshield, care is taken to minimize shipping damage. Please do not install the windshield until you have contacted F4 Customs sales department about any damage.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to read the care and installation instructions that have been provided with the windshield.  Damage resulting from improper installation is not warranted.


Within 10 days if you want to exchange for a different size or color, you may return your shield, unopened (still wrapped in plastic) and not installed.  For an exchange or warranted issue, you must contact us

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