“Rain Shedding” is fantastic, “Optical Clarity” is unmatched

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Hi Sid.  That windshield for my f3 spyder works perfect.
Thanks, Joe

“Give yourself a great ride on a great machine with the F4 Customs F3 Touring Windshield”. The shield mounts with your existing hardware. Gain extra performance over your stock windshield. Shield height is based on the rider preference.  This shield is great for pushing the wind up and over both you and the co rider.  In the rain you will really enjoy the built-in Rain Shedding capability.


  • Mounts with existing factory hardware
  • Thickness: .177″
  • Improved angle
  • DOT approved
  • Fits all F3 Touring & Limited models.

 Custom shield is manufactured from the Highest Optical Grade Polycarbonate available to guarantee that there is “No Distortion”. Our “Baked In Coating” with our proprietary “Hard Coat Process” makes the F4 shields the most chemical and scratch resistant windscreens on the market today. “The Rain Shedding” is fantastic and our “Optical Clarity” is unmatched by any other. It can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and a paper towel. No special polishes cleaners, or rags required. DOT approved.

F4 Customs Motorcycle Windshields are manufactured from the Highest Grade Optical Poly-carbonate for amazing clarity, excellent rain shedding, and chemical and scratch resistance even when rubbed with steel wool, and they are shatterproof, making the F4 shield the “safest and best” choice for your next windshield.

We sell state-of-the-art replacement motorcycle windshields, and recently Don Frank, owner of F4, stated that the company had reached a “new standard of higher quality” in the aftermarket motorcycle industry. We are continually innovating manufacturing and coating processes to provide the best motorcycle windshield available to the riding community.

Custom designed to fit the F3 Fairing.

 Less wind buffeting than the competition more curve in the F3 Windshield than in the competitions, which are fairly flat. Thus, greatly reducing back pressure and turbulence Greater lean back angle which also reduces back pressure and turbulence.

• Installation Estimated time is 10 to 15 minutes.

F4 Customs Product Warranty:

F4 Customs Inc. warrants that all products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

If upon receipt of the windshield you determine that you have a manufacturing defect, contact us immediately and do not install the windshield. If the windshield is installed, then all defect claims may become void.

Each defect claim will be handled on an individual basis. F4 Customs Inc. will make the final determination and this ruling will be final.

F4 Customs Inc. offers a four-year limited warranty on their windshields against breakage, hazing, discoloration, or delaminating. All shields are warranted in full for a period of two years from the purchase date, and prorated for the following two years. F4 Customs Inc. does not warrant the windshield against scratches, as F4 Customs Inc. cannot control the care of the windshield.

All F4 Customs Inc. windshields are shipped with a protective layer on each side of the windshield and care is taken to minimize shipping damage, however if shipping damage is noted please do not install the windshield until you have contacted F4 Customs sales department and directions are provided.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to read the care and installation instructions that have been provided with the windshield. Over tightening or misalignment of the windshield may cause damage to the windshield. Damage resulting from improper installation is not a warranted occurrence.


F4 Customs Inc. does not have a provision for refund of any windshield that has been delivered. However, within 10 days of receipt of your windshield. PLEASE REVIEW your shield once you receive it, If you would want to exchange for a different size or color, you may return your shield unopened (still wrapped in plastic) and not mounted for a different size or color. You will be billed for any difference in price and shipping. For an exchange or warranted issue, you must contact us

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 6 in

21", 23", 25"






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